Enterprise Security’s staff has designed, sold, installed and serviced thousands of readers, cameras and security devices in the most complex and challenging security applications. This experience allows ESS to develop the most efficient system design to satisfy any application, and insures the system’s functionality, reliability and growth potential. By listening to our clients and combining our experience with industry leading products and techniques we are able to develop the most efficient system solutions. Effectiveness, ease of use, system integrity, and event monitoring, storage and accessibility are all critical elements of our total systems approach. ESS employs the latest technology and practices in the design process, including: CAD, digital imaging and scanning, code compliance and design standards. Whether the project is a custom design-build application or teaming with an industry consultant, Enterprise Security will help insure success in the planning stage.


Engineering, Pre-Assembly and Pre-Test

Engineering may be defined as the application of architectural and conceptual principles to practical ends. Where possible, Enterprise Security draws from it’s library of installation standards to replicate and standardize on field proven system architectures. Our experience and technical know-how also allow us to develop customized interfaces and solutions to address unique, site-specific applications. Finally, ESS pre-assemblies, loads, configures and tests sub-systems, computer and control systems and interfaces whenever possible to minimize installation time and system bugs and speed the installation and system commissioning. Submittal packages are assembled quickly from our extensive library of documentation and drawings.


Implementation & Project Management

ESS understands the importance of getting critical systems on-line and meeting project deadlines. In today’s world of shrinking timelines, ESS is committed to providing the fastest response and systems installation possible without compromising system quality. A project installation package with installation drawings and notes is prepared for each project so installers follow standard installation procedures. Experienced lead technicians oversee every installation and provide on-site supervision and contact while communicating progress and needs to the project manager. Weekly progress reports, project meetings, and interfacing with other trades are all standard for Enterprise Security. We utilize the latest in tools and communications to expedite our projects, while complying with industry and project safety requirements.


Project Close Out & Turnover

ESS’s Project Manager will oversee the completion and close out of each project. Project Document Binders, which include, Operation and Maintenance Manuals, Warranty Statements, Service and Company contact information, service logs and system documentation are submitted on each project. System checklists and testing results are provided to consultants or owners prior to the final system walk-through. Finally, any drawing packages such as: as-built, point to point and system riser drawings are promptly assembled upon completion and final approval.



Insuring the customer’s personnel can competently operate and administrate the system is a critical, and often overlooked, element of a successful installation. System training is conducted only by our most senior technical staff who have attended factory training and have extensive hands-on experience. Training sessions will make use of all available training aides, such as tutorials, system drawings, videos and manufacturer documentation and will include system design and theory, administrative requirements and supervised hands-on operation. Follow up training and technical support are always available for ongoing training needs.



Maintenance and extended warranty programs are integral components to guarantee maximum operability and uptime of a company’s critical systems. Enterprise Security’s maintenance programs are customized to the unique needs of each client. A maintenance program and schedule is developed for each customer, and include: cleaning, testing and upgrade of system components; software and firmware updates; completion and verification of system back ups; updating of system documentation and drawings; report generation; and complete customer debriefing on the status of their system. Maintenance programs also include: guaranteed repair times; loaner equipment availability; local spare parts availability, round-the-clock service; expedited service response and discounts on parts and service.


Enterprise Security recognizes the importance of a highly trained technical support and service group, and we are committed to investing in the training and tools to properly equip and support our technical staff. Our technicians have extensive field experience, which is complemented with factory and industry training. ESS’s investment in adequate spares stock and loaner equipment along with computerized service dispatch and the latest communication infrastructure insure swift and efficient service. Remote system access via communications software can help pinpoint or correct problems before we even set foot on the customer’s site. The experience that comes with administering our own and our customer’s access control software further enhances our system trouble shooting.


Badge Bureau

Video imaging systems producing high quality photo ID badges have become the standard for Fortune 1000 and other large organizations. However the costs associated with these systems, where the cost of the dye sublimation printer alone can exceed many thousands of dollars, have prevented smaller companies from producing custom corporate ID’s. Enterprise Security has invested in this expensive equipment and can produce customized photo ID’s for organizations of any size at reasonable costs. Badges can be produced in almost any technology, including: proximity, wiegand, mag stripe, bar code or barium ferrite. Usually we can create custom ID badges for a client’s existing access card. Digital photo’s can be sent or emailed, or ESS can arrange to come to your site for cardholder enrollment. Custom ID cards are then expedited back to the client in just a few days. Now companies of any size, from a few to a few hundred employees, can enjoy the many benefits of a high quality custom photo ID.


Central Station Monitoring

Enterprise Security offers the latest in UL central station monitoring for burglar and fire alarm systems. The monitoring services offered by ESS meet the industry’s highest standards for reliability, quality and are affordably priced. Phone line, cellular, internet, radio, two-way voice, openings and closings and customized reporting are just some of the monitoring services available. Enterprise can also provide remote video monitoring for random look-in, remote escort or alarm response.


Remote System Administration

Many companies recognize the benefits of a PC based access control system, but don’t have adequate staffing to properly administer and manage the system, which can consume many hours each week. For these customers, Enterprise Security offers Remote System Administration, in which ESS utilizes our own computer equipment to administer the customer’s access control system remotely. New card information or card changes or deletions are emailed, phoned or faxed to ESS’s system administrator who promptly institutes the correct action. Not only does this service save the customer the many hours associated with system management and programming, but the customer also doesn’t have to invest in expensive computer equipment and software, or in it’s ongoing software and firmware updates, archiving or support agreements.