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Founded in 1975 in Springfield, Missouri, DMP is a privately-held manufacturer of innovative intrusion, fire, access control, network and cellular alarm products. We are proud of our unique status as the only independently-owned security company that designs and manufactures all products in the U.S.
We continue to build on our reputation for excellence in technology, service, and design by continually releasing innovative security and communication solutions. DMP products are designed on based the feedback we constantly seek out from people who install and use our technology. This ensures that we provide solutions that address real-world needs and problems.
Special strengths of DMP technology include integrated solutions combining burglary, fire, and access security in a single more effective and easily managed system. We are also known for our advanced communication capabilities, including the availability of Network, Cellular, and Dial-up with wireless in a single panel with all capabilities on board.
Every DMP product is designed with strong forward and backward compatibility. The investment you make in our technology today will more easily integrate with your existing system, and will allow for future upgrades and modifications.
While we constantly push the boundaries of technology and continuously offer new features and functions, we never lose sight of the need to maintain ease of use. For both system operators and users, DMP technology combines advanced technology with simple operation.

DMP is a "Tier One" provider of high quality and feature rich alarm systems.

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