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S2 Security develops a unique line of open architecture, scalable, IP network-ready products for the physical security industry that integrate access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and temperature monitoring. Common to all S2 products is their 100% web-based user interface: you require nothing more than a common web browser to use even the largest S2 security system.

The S2 NetBox is a powerful integrated security management system in a solid state network appliance. It is powerful enough to secure your corporate headquarters yet affordable enough to secure a small office. The S2 Enterprise line secures the largest facilities, campuses, and global enterprises. Both systems can be operated entirely from a web browser and both offer superior total cost of ownership. All of our products are available worldwide through factory-approved systems integrators, distributors, and OEMs. Visit the S2 Security web site at http://www.s2sys.com/.

S2 Security Corporation is a "Tier One" provider of access control systems for ESS.

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